To keep the week rolling along and to help you start your weekend with a bang we wanted to deliver you guys one more exclusive premiere today. This one is coming in hot from a local Boulder producer under the alias of Stone Soul! He has been cultivating a unique sound infused with electro-soul and hip hop vibes that plenty of you are about to fall in love with. ‘Allergic to Bullshit’ is his latest single to hit the airwaves and we are sure it’s about to spread like wildfire. This is the first taste of his upcoming release ‘The Funktastic Voyage’ so now you will all have a feel as to what you can expect when the entire project sees its public debut! Fans of anyone on the Pretty Lights Music Crew, Late Night Radio, Gramatik, Krooked Drivers, Focal Point, Resonant Frequency, or any other funk infused bass music you’re sure to find yourselves right at home! Stone Soul has laced this new single with just the right amount of bouncing bass to back the funky riffs and vocal samples making up the rest of the track. Thanks to Stone Soul you can actually grab this new single free of charge so follow the links and add this new jam to your library. Whether your our taking a stroll on this fine autumn day or diligently trying to wrap things up in the office to dive into your weekend ‘Allergic to Bullshit’ will be the accompaniment!

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