To keep the beats rolling we wanted to shine a light on the latest batch of tunes from ShunGu. Though ‘All I Do’ debuted in early October it wouldn’t surprise us if it managed to slide by some of you. This masterful mix of laid back beats and classic 90’s hip hop tracks is sure to suck you in just like it did us. ShunGu comes to your eardrums from the far reaches of Brussels with a knack for weaving his silky smooth production between the perfect hip hop samples. ‘All I Do’ was released through Cosmic Compositions, a DIY label with roots in Auckland, NZ that is quickly beginning to make a name for themselves in the beat scene. With a couple releases and a few compilations under their belt already it’s safe to say they are in the midst of making some serious progression. Each track compiled on ‘All I Do’ from ShunGu is fitting for almost any occasion. Whether you’re kicking back with the homies or chefing up a meal with that special someone we’re sure these vibes from ShunGu will be the perfect soundtrack. While you work your way through ‘All I Do’ you are about to be battered with throwback hits flipped by ShunGu and you know what? You can wonder over to Cosmic Compositions Bandcamp and grab them all free of charge! For those of you that are truly taken away by ‘All I Do’ you might even want to grab yourself one of the very limited 50 cassettes that were put together for this release in addition to grabbing that download.

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