It’s time to shine the spotlight on another talented up and coming producer to get the week started. Last week we brought you a special Q&A with OG dubstep producer Caspa and a spotlight on Eastern Bloc, a talented production duo hailing from Wellington, NZ with a catchy jersey club style. Now Hustle Profits is up and we know plenty of you are going to be glad we brought this guy to your attention before he takes off. Hustle Profits is a twenty one year old producer residing in Auckland, New Zealand with a spacey yet thuggish style that is truly unique. As of now Hustle Profits is still making a name for himself in the scene but we can imagine it won’t take long for his sound to find the right ears to help him sky rocket into the public eye. We originally came across his SoundCloud through his contribution to the latest All My Friends compilation we posted earlier last week but he has also been in cahoots with ThreeFiftyRecords and the Ninelives crew. Hustle Profits is heavy on the memphis trap, hip hop, R&B, and soulful 808 music in his free time so we’re sure plenty of you will be able to see where  he draws influence from once you dive in to his material. Below we are going to smother you in a fine arrangement of material Hustle Profits has released thus far so you can get a little idea of what this talented aspiring producer has up his sleeves. While you can’t download most of his material straight from his SoundCloud make sure you find your way to his Bandcamp where you can get your hands on just about everything you see below. Be on the look out for his next release on Castle Cook House and if this happens to find you all the way down in New Zealand keep an eye out for more live shows on the Auckland circuit. Oh and for those of you into slightly more laid back ambient soundscapes be sure to check out his other project Slmbrs on SoundCloud and Bandcamp as well!

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  1. HUSTLE PROFITS getting the daps he deserves!

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