Our main goal here at The Dankles is to constantly offer all of you lovely followers the opportunity to find new music from artists who don’t always get the chance to be heard. Recently we’ve been making a point to bring you a wave of “Artist Spotlights” on producers we feel deserve way more recognition. Today’s article is on French producer MEDIES, who caught my ears with his highly energetic remix of Lil Wayne‘s “Know What I’m Doing.” I quickly took to scouring through his Soundcloud where I found a stockpile of  trill tunes that had me grooving in my room alone. MEDIES has an incredibly well crafted sound, mixing 808 beats with a hollow and chill trap feel, think Mr. Carmack or Losco. With remixes of big names like Beyonce and French Montana, I’m surprised he hasn’t been noticed by more of the producers in his realm of music. This could be due to only having been putting out tracks for the last two months. I’m sure we’re going to hear plenty more huge tracks from this young cat over the coming months. Expect to hear MEDIES make waves in the scene soon, and remember where you heard it first ;p


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