For all of you that are on the hunt for new sounds from the underground we highly suggest you lend an ear to this here compilation. The good people over at Sunset Waves, another electronic music blog with roots down in Texas have just dropped the curtains on the second edition of their ‘Rising Tides’ series. The basis of this compilation was to feature artists only artists that had less than 500 followers over on SoundCloud. Through unearthing these hidden talents and bringing them into the spotlight they have brought a whole slew of new producers up on our radar. The producers featured on this compilation deliver us a fresh array of blissful downtempo melodies that are sure to brighten your day. ‘Rising Tides’ does another great thing, rather than just focus on producers over here stateside they have brought on talent from all around the world! For those of you the fall in love with some of these talented artists want more of their sound we thought it might be a good idea to run through the roster and link you up. ‘Rising Tides’ features material from Now You Must Climb Alone, Lew, Al ak, Timid Soul, Buuckleyy, GRAPES, Zirrus, Congruence, Grid.Points, Dream DamaS E I Q U Ø, Para Palabras, Unseal, Footnote, Craetion, Gallotia, John Looke, Swimming TV, Hykuu, Secret Attraction, Celadon City, P V L M S, Shleep, King of Nails, Wesley, Stone, So Durand , URBNERD, Perka, Pine Grove., Lushush, Meteologist, Floro, Spaghetti Dav, PATHS, Slow Spin, and Carley & Canadia. While I’m sure some of you are a little overwhelmed by this massive crew there are definitely a good few of you out there with huge smiles on your face at the sight of all of these new producers to check out! If you fall in love with ‘Rising Tides’ like we have be sure to keep an eye on Sunset Waves as they continue to deliver beautiful music to the world while also pulling talented artists into the spotlight.

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