For those of you looking to pump a little life into your day let us suggest diving into this new release from Da-Bow. If you have yet to come across this talented producers work it’s about time you leant him an ear or two. Da-Bow is a talented 21 year old producer coming to us from Argentina with a rapidly progressing sound. This new release of his, ‘Changes’, was recently debuted by our friend friends over at Play It Louder and boy is this about to make some serious waves. Jammed into this five track EP we are assaulted with an onslaught of unique production. Da-Bow dishes out everything from luscious laid back vibes to massive bass fueled mayhem. Da-Bow’s love for all kinds of music definitely shines through on ‘Changes’, from soulful beats to trap and future beat vibes you will definitely be smitten with every tone worked into these songs. Thanks to the good folks over on Play it Louder you can even grab this new EP from Da-Bow free of charge so be sure to follow the links below to get your hands on these gems!

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