If you’re into otherworldly bass vibes then chances are you have come across Kalya Scintilla in your travels. With a sound that can seem more alien than human at points this talented artist actually does claim to come to us from Australia and not some star beyond the outer reaches of our galaxy. ‘Open Ancient Eyes’ is Kayla’s latest creation and boy is it one hell of a journey. Get ready to be blasted off into the cosmos as you dive into this immersive fifteen track release. As you begin the journey we are welcomed by a soothing smattering of vocal arrangements that slowly fade away into the ether as intergalactic transmissions take over your speakers. Soon your speakers will begin to dribble bass vibrations that are sure to temporarily carry some of you off to the ethereal swamp conjured up by Kalya’s primal production skills. If this happens to be the first time Kalya Scintilla is working his magic on your eardrums then you should do yourself a favor and wander over to his Bandcamp where you can get a larger taste of his harmonizing production. It also just so happens that Kalya is in the midst of a US tour at the moment celebrating the release of this album with Nominus, Phutureprimitive, Quixotic, and some very special visual accompaniment by Johnathan Singer (on select dates). If any of his upcoming dates happen to be in your neck of the woods we highly advise you to make it out and catch a set from this endlessly talented producer.

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