We are sure some of you are in the midst of recovering from quite the weekend of ghoulish festivities. With that being said many of you are probably looking for something you can dive into and get lost for awhile. On Friday Sacred Grove Records dropped the curtains on their jam packed Halloween compilation ‘M O O N L I G H T H A L L O W’ and it is loaded with ominous downtempo soundscapes from a slew of talented artists on the rise. Sacred Grove is a newly emerging label is making their debut with this compilation that delivers an overall feel that is perfect for Halloween. While you paddle through the sounds selected for ‘M O O N L I G H T H A L L O W’ you are sure to find some tracks that might bring to mind a foggy graveyard on a moonlight evening while others will have you drifting off into a relaxing stupor. With a roster that features Celadon CityCthuhlordSquirrely Bass, Shinji, SweetbreadsAura AuroraCorvus CornixMurmure, AghNi, Éskra, Degauss, and Tom Atherton there is plenty of variety for you to find something that is up your alley. While there isn’t a direct download for the entire compilation be sure to cruise over to Sacred Groves SoundCloud where you can grab each track that seems to tickle your fancy.

Download Here


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