Douse your Sunday with some underwater hip hop infused vibes from Ventures and Kiddbuu. Their latest tune ‘Submarine’ surfaced on SoundCloud last week and it has already been making waves. With an aquatic beat churned up by Ventures we’re sure some of you are about to be hooked. Ventures is a fairly fresh producer to the scene from Canberra, Australia with a pretty versatile style from what we have seen so far. Our first taste of Ventures production style was on his joint track ‘PRJCT’ with Pr!ntz that we released a little over a year ago on our now deceased ‘Twerkin’ Trap Tuesday’ post so it’s great to see him coming back up on our radar once again. ‘Submarine’ is yet another collaborative track but now KiddBuu is on board to lay down a helping of salty verses for you land lovers. Each of these artists have quite the unique flare so be sure to wonder over to their respective outlets to get a little more familiar with their ever expanding catalogues.

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