We thought you might want some more soothing vibes washed over your Sunday so we decided to shine a light on DJAO’s debut self titled album. This new release from Portland, Oregon’s DIY imprint Dropping Gems is a very special one. Three years in the making DJAO (aka Alex Osuch), a talented producer/vocalist finally dubbed his album ready for release and you can truly feel every bit of energy that was put into it as your wander through. What he has down is woven a auditory narrative that paints a picture of interconnected stories that take us off on a blissful and serene journey. DJAO is one of those producers that came to our attention out of the blue with this release but we can only imagine he will be leaving a lasting impression with this well orchestrated grouping of music. Throughout the twelve track adventure we are entangled in lush downtempo soundscapes that will easily encapsulate those of you that are looking for something to wind down to after a long weekend. DJAO transitioned through many stages of reflection and growth throughout the course of producing this release and if you listen close enough you can truly pick up on those changes. Like we said this is his debut release so be sure to stay on the look out for more material from this talented artist as time rolls along.


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