For those of you looking to get your week started with some intergalactic vibes it’s time you checked out the latest compilation from the Shanti Planti family. This collective with roots in the UK is continually putting all of their profits towards charities. The purpose of this new compilation that premiered last week is to raise funds to help the SaveTheChildren organization provide immediate emergency relief, healthcare, education and protection for children where necessary. STC creates Child-Friendly Spaces for children to safely play and learn, even in the midst of crisis. Unique among emergency responders, Save the Children stays as long as it takes after crisis strikes, helping children, families and communities recover from their losses and rebuild their lives. Every artist represented on this release took the time to put their creative heart and soul into a stream of consciousness that resulted in the tracks that will grace your ears as you begin the journey. The tunes feature here were compiled by Whitebear and inside the artists selected to contribute to this Shanti Planti effort are dishing out all sorts of intergalactic bass fueled rhythms that are sure to carry you off into the cosmos while others will automatically be drawn to your feet as you begin to boogie down. If you’re a fan of glitch hop, space bass, or any other kind of worldly bass music you are sure to recognize some of the nineteen artists present on this special release from Shanti Planti. As you listen through many of you are sure to be captivated by the time and effort put into this release so support the cause, you don’t know how much it could change the life of a young one out there.


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