Seas of Grease is a talented Australian producer that has been on our radar for some time now. Track after track that he releases is continually exposing new sides of this gifted young producer. Just last Friday be brought us a new remix, this time taking on Astrud Gilberto’s ‘The Shadow of Your Smile’. The result of this flip is an airy yet in your face beat that is truly captivating. Light vocal samples are backed by gritting instrumentation that is sure to sweep you off your feet. Seas of Grease has been stalking the underground for a little over a year now, popping up in compilations from collectives all around the world, while also letting loose a single of his own here and there. We highly recommend keeping an eye on this rising star because it’s truly amazing to see how his sound has been progressing. Thanks to Seas of Grease you can get your hands on this catchy new remix free of charge so don’t hesitate to follow the link below to grab yourself a copy!

Download Here


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