Looking for something fresh and silky smooth to drape over your Tuesday? Well this new ditty from Snubluck and Dandu is just what you need to brighten your day. ‘Horse Carpet’ just debuted on Snubluck’s SoundCloud yesterday and boy does it hit the spot. Together Snubluck and Dandu have woven a sultry downtempo track that is oozing with seductive jazzy vibes. Dandu laid down a the bassline backing this sultry track while Snubluck took to lacing things up with the captivating beat, both of these elements combined truly take us off on a dreamy journey. If you’re unfamiliar with Snubluck you should find your way over to his SoundCloud where you can dive in to a vast array of his production. Just before dropping the curtains on this freebie with Dandu Snubluck donned the public with a little edit of Future’s ‘Drunk in Love’ that is a starry blend of future beats. For those of you whose ears perked up as you read that last little bit we thought we would save you the effort and slide that Future edit in below as well because we too have been thoroughly enjoying it as well!

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