For those of you that missed out on this special Halloween treat from Swamp Music it’s about time you played a little catch up. That’s right, drop what you’re doing and dive into this wonky new single from Spoken Bird & Lazer Tooth because you’re about to be blown away. These two talented west coast bass magicians have teamed up to unleash a mighty message from the Swamp Gods. That message being to grab your hoverboard and hit the streets to scoop up every bit of left over Halloween candy before the little ones get ahold of it. If candy doesn’t happen to be your thing then maybe take a casual cruise through the crowds as everyone stares in awe at your bad ass hoverboard. While that may seem a little far fetched to some of you, that’s exactly what went through our minds while we sat back and let ‘Pass The Hoverboard’ takes us away. Surely a few of you will have different experiences with this new freebie from Spoken Bird & Lazer Tooth but we are pretty positive they won’t be too far off. The duo drenches us in goopy future bass that is sure to leave some of you clambering for more, but who knows when we will see more from the lucid solution of Spoken Bird & Lazer Tooth, you might just have to wander into the swamp to find out yourself.

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