That’s correct folks, we are back with another banger from our homies The OriGinALz. This time they have teamed up with SELBY to bring us ‘Smoke Dat’, a massive bass injected smokers anthem that is going to have all of you reaching for your herb. ‘Smoke Dat’ is the first of many special treats coming from The OriGinALz this month, we will get to that in a second though. Let us first focus on the track at hand! ‘Smoke Dat’ is a raunchy track that is packed to the teeth with raunchy bouncing bass that is sure to get you moving wherever it happens to invade your eardrums. Laced with some oh so catchy vocal snippets from Missy Elliot, there’s no going wrong with this one, the guys have killed it once again. As we mentioned earlier there is another special side note about this release. If ‘Smoke Dat’ is leaving you with the munchies for more music from The OriGinALz you’re in luck because every Tuesday throughout the month of November the guys will be dropping a brand spanking new original from their vaults. Now we may or may not have heard a little taste of what they have in store, but lets just say you guys are going to lose it! So while you wait for them to unveil the next track you will just have to roll one up and bide your time digging through their SoundCloud to catch up on any other material of theirs that might have slid by you.

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