For all of you on the hunt for something to little life into your day, It’s time you checked out the latest single from Kinetik Force. ‘So Proper’ the first single off of their debut ‘Fusion’ EP debuting to the public next week. Kinetik Force is the brain child of Kinetik Groove and Blunt Force, two talented producers on the rise that have been churning out their own unique music throughout the circuit. This debut EP has been in the works for quite awhile so we know they have truly been working hard to refine their joint style to really make some waves with this release. ‘So Proper’ is a energetic blend of funky and glitchy bass music and its sure to get your grooving where ever it takes over your speakers. The remainder of ‘Fusion’ is due out next week on November 11th so be sure to stay tuned to Philos Records so you can grab the whole EP when drops! Be prepared to be blown back in your seats as Kinetik Force takes you away on this monstrous new single.


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