Earlier this week Thriftworks dropped the curtains on his latest catalogue of work ‘Fade’. This is the first installment of a three part album series which will all be seeing the light of day over the next few weeks. The second release ‘Fader’ is due out on November 17th, with the final release ‘Fadest’ dropping on December 1st. As you will soon find out ‘Fade’ is chock full of all the spacey, ethereal production we have grown to love from Jake Atlas. When we first heard the news of this new three part series he would be embarking on we thought we might be dealt a few smaller releases but from the looks of this first installment it looks like we are going to be in for a whole slew of new material. Spanning a mind numbing thirteen tracks, ‘Fade’ takes you on a wild auditory joyride that is loaded with all the eerie soundscapes one could hope for. With ominous, textured vibes present throughout each track we are also treated to a few special appearances from Russ Liquid and the ever talented Mythicalifornian who lays down some trippy avianĀ verses on ‘Seismic Turf’ as well as the closing track ‘Reggie’. As Thriftworks continues to build upon his catalogue his further develops his truly unique style of production that infuses trippy downtempo feels with, glith hop, and hip hop vibes. That being said, pour yourself a nice cold glass of 2% and wander into the nest of Thriftworks. Thankfully ‘Fade’ is a good chunk of new material so we have plenty to brew on while we let things ferment until ‘Fadest’ drops on the public in just a couple of weeks!

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