Get the energy flowing today with the latest EP from the good folks at Saturate Records. If you have yet to hear of Saturate Records they are a label with roots in Hamburg, Germany that are constantly pushing the most unique types of bass music. From trap to raunchy dubstep and glitch hop, any of you are sure to find something you fancy in their growing catalogue of releases. What we have for you today is the latest from Zeke Beats, an extremely talented producer from Australia. On ‘Pay Attention’ Zeke deals out a large variety of flavors, we are hit with everything from wonky glitch hop vibes to gut wrenching dubstep takes that are sure to make your speakers quake. Zeke even brings on fellow label mate Subp Yao to close up the EP with ‘Lazer Wash’, an intergalactic bass fueled joyride that dumps us into an equally dope line up of remixes. Ethan Glass, Subp Yao, Ven Dyke, Ta-Ku, Lakritze, and Raadsel all serve up their own edits of a few songs from ‘Pay Attention’ that are sure to keep you grooving. Now if you’re truly vibing with this release don’t hesitate to wander over to Saturate’s Bandcamp where you can grab either a download or one of the limited 7″ vinyl’s for a small fee.


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