To close out the week we thought it would be great to leave you with one more exclusive premiere before the weekend takes hold. This special remix comes to us courtesy of the kind folks over at Youngbloods, a fresh DIY imprint getting started in both New York and Los Angeles. With a focus that will be centered on downtempo and house vibes we are sure many of you are going to want to keep on eye on this bunch. Their first release brings us the sounds of Sasquatch, a talented producer coming to us from Burlington, Vermont with a unique style that fuses downtempo bliss with upbeat vibes that are sure to have you tearing toward the dance floor. While the ‘No Sweat’ EP doesn’t see its public debut until next week on November 11th we were given the opportunity to bring you guys an early taste of one of the many remixes backing up the release. Colta is a Los Angeles based producer that takes the original ambiance of ’25th’ and churns it into his own club fueled anthem that will surely take you away. Through bringing in some vocal samples and kicking up the bass we are dealt a remix that truly stands out from the pack yet still allows important elements of the original shine through. This is the debut release for both Sasquatch and the fam over at YoungBloods so you better expect it’s something special! Through the tone they are setting with this release from Sasquatch we are pretty confident these guys are about to take the scene by storm in the next few months as they continue to bring more music to light. When this release drops to the public be sure to be on your toes because it will be available both digitally and on vinyl. For those of you that aren’t trying to miss out on any music you’re going to want to grab that vinyl due to the fact a few of the remixes will on be heard there (including this edit by Colta)!

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