To get the week started off right we have a mesmerizing new exclusive for you from two talented producers. ‘The In-Between’ is an immersive project JuJu Beats and Johnathan Thomas put together after they both got to play Memfest 2014 earlier this year. Most of this juke inspired track came together in that brief session between the two. As you let yourself get swept into ‘The In-Between’ you will be able to pick up on flavors of both JuJu and Johnathan. We are draped in an ambient and textured soundscape as the beat carries us along, long story short, this is a great blend of styles. With both of these producers quickly gaining notoriety in the scene it wouldn’t surprise us if you started to see their names around more often! Thought this is the first time they have put their minds together on a release maybe we will see more collaborative work from these guys in the future. Until then hopefully ‘The In-Between’ is enough to tide you over, for more sultry flavors head on over to their SoundCloud pages (Johnathan Thomas // JuJu Beats) for a vast array of material.

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