For those of you that made it out to The Fillmore last Friday I’m sure you can already predict what this little review will entail. For all of you still relishing on the show as well as the handful of you that missed out let us present to you our take on the evening. As some of you might recall Friday was a wet one out here in Denver but we braved the storm and made it down to Denver to check out the second performance of the Michal Menert Big Band! When we finally got ourselves situated in the crowd Exmag was about midway through his set of soul infused bass music and the crowd was already grooving. Orchard Lounge picked up where Exmag left off and swept us off on a journey of whimsical melodies that were the perfect segue to the Michal Menert Big Band performance. We always have such a good time when Orchard Lounge is thrown in the mix that it really puts a huge smile on our face whenever we see them on a bill. As they wrapped up their set stagehands were quick to begin the transitional set up for the Big Band.


While originally we were expecting Menert to be backed by a mind numbing eighteen piece band, a good friend in the crowd happened to mention there was a slight change of plans, and that Menert now had twenty two musical accomplices! Quite like the first show we saw from them at Sonic Bloom we were a little unknowing of what they were about to drop on the crowd, though once all of the merry minstrels took the stage it was an all out party. Menert had everything; from a horn section, to full rhythm section, drummers, keys, and even a handful of talented vocalists that were killing the crowd all night long. With a crowd that was now spilling out to every corner of The Fillmore it was great to see all of the people that came out to support this landmark performance truly loving every moment of it. You know those shows that are just so good you get entirely too carried away and they are over before you know it? Well this was one of those. Though the Big Band played a long, funky, soul infused set it seemed to pass in the blink of an eye! The entire crowd was whisked away into a state of mindless bliss as they applauded the crew as they wrapped things up for the evening. Menert gave a valiant effort in trying to thank everyone from the band individually but all of the energy surging in that room made things a little difficult. As the venue emptied out and everyone headed towards their cars you could already hear the crowd murmuring about when they would be doing another presentation of this project. While that still lies somewhere in the future we can only hope they can someday take this show on the road and showcase the Michal Menert Big Band to fans everywhere.


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