Boy do I have a treat for you. The homies over at Souletiquette have teamed up with French producer C Y G N to bring you “Retr0spective,” a full length album that delivers 12 seriously infectious tracks. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a prerelease copy and I haven’t stopped bumping it since. If you’re a fan of all things future beat this is the record for you. C Y G N shows off his wide variety of production skills as he dips and dives between hyphy and mellow space beats. Songs like “Romantisme Aigue” and his remix of Childish Gambino‘s “U Don’t Have To Know” give you an idea of the soulful hip hop beats he’s capable of, while tracks like “N.A.S.A” and “QHZ+” show the hype side of his production. I can’t recommend this album to you enough, and in my opinion is more than worth the free download he’s provided. Go grab your copy!





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