That’s right people, the Smokers Cough team is back with another heater. This release comes to us from none other than Big Breakfast, a multifaceted emcee from Long Island, NY. His take on hip hop is a laid back classical style backed by head nodding boom bap flavors. You can hear the east coast vibes oozing from each verse that creeps through your ear drums as you chug through his debut release ‘Luxury’. No matter where this finds you, drop everything, that’s right, drop it. Roll one up, pour one up, or hell, do both because it will make vibing out to ‘Luxury’ that much more enjoyable. Each of the fourteen tracks featured on this release show us a different side of Big Breakfast so don’t try some sly shit and jump around this album, simply lean on back and let him dish it out. As you will soon see, Big Breakfast has quite the way with words, weaving witty off kilter verses on every track that paint pictures of gritty city life and raw luxurious living. Like many of the previous releases from Smokers Cough you can grab this new one free of charge, that is unless you’re feeling a little generous then I’m sure they would appreciate the donation! Keep those ears tuned in on these cats because they are continually bringing talented artists into the spotlight.


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