Looking for some laid back hip hop vibes to drape over your day? Do yourself a favor and tune in to the brand new mixtape from JT Runnin Man, a talented emcee that just came up on our radar. This is JT’s fifth mixtape and we can assure you that once you rip through this new one you will be headed over to his SoundCloud to play a little catch up! For those of you that are as unfamiliar with JT as we were let us give you a little run down. He is a member of a talented collective from Denver called Planes!; being composed of everything from emcees, to producers, videographers, and more. This break out hip hop group is truly doing their best to cover all the creative bases. This new tape from JT Runnin Man is a good introduction to a few members of the group with guest appearances and production by fellow Planes! family. On ’94’ JT laces up each track with everything from hyphy energy, to laid back smokers tracks, and some of that classic money making music. Whether this mixtape finds you between errands today or while you winding down for the day we’re sure it will be the perfect soundtrack, so dive in and don’t forget to grab those downloads when JT catches your ear with his rhythmic verses.

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