MOSAIC asa & sorrow

If there’s a cause suitable for the notorious mustache-touting Inspected collective, it’s obviously Movember. In the tradition of “no-shave November”, Movember is dedicated to fighting prostate and testicular cancer. Inspected artists KOAN Sound, Culprate, Asa, and Sorrow teamed up to create “Mosaic” in the name of the mustache. The track is everything you’d hope for from such an impressive collection, a gorgeous fusion of the distinctive styles of each artist. Atmospheric but funky, both melodic and subtly chaotic, “Mosaic” interweaves haunting strings, immersive bass, and a neurofunk-inspired beat. As one might expect from such a collaboration, the sound can hardly be encompassed by one genre. You’ll need to listen to it yourself – stream “Mosaic” right here, and grab the download from Inspected’s Bandcamp. All donations from the track benefit the Movember cause.

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