I owe my ultimate discovery of electronic music to Hip Hop. Before I ever knew names like Diplo and Pretty Lights, I was just another Hip Hop head scouring blogs and forums looking for that nunu. All that changed when I downloaded Flying Lotus‘s “Los Angeles” in 2008. I had been searching for instrumental beat tapes and left with a new love for electronic music and trip hop. EDM as we know it didn’t quite exist yet, but it didn’t take long for it to take over. Since it’s quick escalation into contemporary music, I’ve loved and hated aspects of the scene. However, when it comes to hip hop, I still have a deep love for jazzy beats and lyrical dope that hasn’t changed since I picked up my copy of Mos Def and Talib Kweli‘s “Blackstar” years ago. Today I have the honor of introducing you to Maryland lyricist, Dirtyshafi. “J Ride” was released a couple months ago, but I presume this is the first time a lot of y’all are seeing this. The young talent proves the art of Hip Hop is not dead. Stocked with classic sounding beats and a poetic flow “J Ride” sounds as if it could have come out 15 years ago. Definitely snag the free download, twist something up, and take this record on a cruise.



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