Spruce up your day with some new heat from the alaya. family! This new single is from Feki, a talented producer from Brisbane, Australia with a true knack for cheffing up unique future vibes. If you browse through his SoundCloud you will come across a fine assortment of varying tempos as Feki dishes out everything from laid back chill wave vibes to bouncing tracks fit for the club. ‘Safe Return’ is one of those more up tempo creations that has been tearing across the web since alaya. dropped the curtains on it a few days ago. For those of you not yet familiar with the folks over at alaya. it’s about time you give them a look. Over the past couple months they have sky rocketed into the public eye with through bringing their listeners noting but quality material from artists on the rise that possess their own unique sound. This release from Feki is yet another perfect example of the amazing things alaya. is doing for the music community by putting rising talents in the spotlight!

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