Any dubstep fan in Denver will tell you that Tuesday is their favorite day of the week. There’s a good reason: Sub.mission’s Electronic Tuesdays at Cervantes bring the best local, national, and international talent in bass music. Every Tuesday night is special in its own way, but last weeks’ event was truly one for the highlight reels.

As snow and freezing temperatures announced the beginning of winter in Colorado, the Artikal Music UK tour provided some serious bass heat. Sleeper, Thelem, EshOne, and J:Kenzo took over the decks for an epic journey through the depths of dubstep. The snowy Tuesday night certainly didn’t scare anyone away: the venue was packed from the start of Sleeper’s set to EshOne’s gorgeous finish. I spent most of the night stapled to the sub, intoxicated by the night’s indescribable energy. If I didn’t already have a place in my heart for the Artikal Music legends, I sure do now, carved from diamonds.

To anyone who was there: Thank you for being part of such an incredible experience. Re-live it with our pictures from the event and the hauntingly beautiful Artikal Music mix from EshOne (make sure to grab the free download!). If you missed out, don’t worry – dubstep is alive and thriving in Denver, and Tuesday is always just around the corner. This week, the LowR Levls crew is here to throw down. Crowell, Benzmixer, Hoova, and Cubs have quite a special night in store for us. Roll up early to see local DJ’s battle it out – before 9pm, entrance is only five dollars (ladies are free!). Follow Sub.mission for more information, and for updates on all Denver dubstep things.

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