Today we are dropping the curtains on our latest artists spotlight with the ever talented Thriftworks. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this unique producer it’s time to familiarize yourself. Thriftworks aka Jake Atlas is a gifted producer of ethereal soundscapes that are sure to whisk you off your week. Today we see the debut of ‘Fader’, the second installment in his three part release series that is slowly coming to light. The premiere release ‘Fade’ dropped a couple weeks ago while the third and final chapter ‘Fadest’ drops on December first. Take a few minutes and see what Thriftworks had to say about the release series and some other things happening in his dairy infused wonderland.

Download ‘Fader’ Here

It has been a few years since we were last able to pick your brain, how are things in the land of Thriftworks?
Very neat. Very busy and distracted. Very on and off. Generally very very.

From the looks of things you have been on the road pretty consistently, what do you enjoy most about hopping from city to city?
I love exploring new cities and towns. Enjoying the local cuisine and just soaking in the feels from place to place.

Over the past few years you have had the privilege to share that stage with countless numbers of talented artists, which of these opportunities happens to stand out in your mind?
I played red rocks with DJ Shadow and Bassnectar. That was a very chill day for me.

We are catching you right as ‘Fader’ sees its public debut, have you been surprised so far by the  general reception of this three part release?
The only surprising thing is that people still fvck with me after 5 or 6 albums. It has been a good run and I intend to go a wholllleee lot further. I think in general people are just stoked to get a grip of music all in one month. I’m stoked if they’re stoked.

‘Fader’ is a much larger release than many of us expected, can we look for the final release to be just as extensive?
Yeah, there is a good deal of content yet to come. ‘Fader’ might be too long, nearing 2 hours (whoops). ‘Fadest’ won’t be quite that long but it will be a solid trillogistic piece.


You seem to have truly come in to your own sound over these past few albums, where do you tend to draw influence from the most when it comes to your production?
The pain in the back of my head leaks on to my neck. It seeps out my pours through cracks in my milk vessel. From there I have a parrot who collects the liquid-dairy-gold and transports it to a fermentation vessel. In short time, I have a magical “inspiration milk,” which i can dehydrate or drink raw. Sometimes I wish the process was easier but it seems to be worth the work.

We have come to notice you’re quite the dairy fan, has this love grown throughout the years or something you have held dear since childhood?
You’d have to ask Rick Ross and Meek Mills. MMG all day.

After this three part series draws to a close do you have any other plans to wrap 2014?
I’m looking forward to a New Years Eve show in New York, hanging out in Pennsylvania for a bit to chill out with my parents and old friends.

We’re always curious, when you aren’t on the road or cooped up in the studio what are some other things one might find you occupying your time with?
Skateboarding, drinking coffee, searching for epic sushi or chicken tikka masala, dreaming about rain, hanging with friends, and trying to go skiing/snowboarding.

That’s about all from our end of things, any last shout outs you’d like to slide on in here to the folks on the other side?
Big shoutout to Jerry Leon, Milkicaliforeskin and Tlaloc

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