We love our Hip Hop over here at The Dankles. You can always find us on the look out for new talent to support and bring to all of your lovely ears. So naturally, when I heard C.YOUNG‘s newest record “Blue Enigma,” I got really excited. The San Diego local blew me away with his slick flow over soulful and intelligent beats. If you’re a fan of bars with substance you’ll want to give this cat a listen. Artist’s like C.YOUNG promote that classic sound of Hip Hop that bring me back to the days of rocking a disc-man and a stack of CDs to school. It gives me hope that the poetic and meaningful side of Hip Hop is still alive. I’ll be the first one to recognize we promote top 40s remixes and popular rap, but that’s music to get hype to. This is music for the soul. I highly suggest picking up up a copy of this record, you may just fall in love.



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  1. Gia to Pame Hawai exeis apolyto dikio ! To skuomftoen prosfata ki ego !EISAI POLY MPROSTA APO THN EPOXH SOU !Mono me ti Melua mas ta xalases ligo, alla den mporeis kai na ta xereis ola !R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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