Everyday new talent comes up on our radar from all reaches of the music scene. A few weeks back we came across the intoxicating melodies of Elsie, a talented vocalist from London that is surely about to skyrocket into the public eye with her debut independent EP ‘Balance’. Though it is only three tracks in length we are sure you will all be captivated by her stunning voice and the quality production that backs each track. The title track ‘Balance’ was co-written and producer by Brey Baptista (Jessie Ware) where it was conjured up in a dream like state during a late night session in the studio of Two Inch Punch. While some of you may be unfamiliar with this talented artist on the rise she is no stranger to the stage, over the past few years she has leant her voice to everyone from Iggy Azalea to Sir Tom Jones, via Natasha Bedingfield and Nicole Scherzinger. With a lot handful of joint projects coming down the pipes you better expect to see Elsie’s name around a lot more in the coming months. As you listen through ‘Balance’ you will be able to pick up on her influences from 90’s R&B artists. While she originally comes from a small town in Liverpool Elsie has recently relocated to London where she has had much more exposure for her unique, memorable sound. Each track contains its own special message on this release. ‘Balance’ delivers one laced with those uncertain emotions that we have all felt in relationships before while ‘Magic Powers’ brings up feelings of depression, ‘Take Your Time In Love’ is a ode of caution to those young lovers out there. With all that being said Elsie has but every bit of her heart into this debut EP and you can truly tell as you work your way through each track.

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