A little over a week ago now we were served up and brand new release from the team over at Street Ritual. For those of yo unfamiliar with them, they are an Oakland based imprint with an emphasis on bringing us the most on the cusp conscious bass music, art, and culture. This new release ‘Lisn’ comes to us from the talented London based electronic composer Hang in Balance (Daniel Waples and friends). On ‘Lisn’ we are dealt a smorgasbord of original soundscapes while we are also hit with a hand full of wild intergalactic remixes from an additional eight talented producer. Each track on this release has a life of its own, including each remix. The goal Hang in Balance had for this release was to bring us a collection of music that tells its own story; one without words, a journey through emotion and sound. ‘Lisn’ is packed full of rich, radiant vibrations that might leave some of you craving the summers warmth. Though after I listened through a few times I couldn’t help shake the fact this could easily be a fitting soundtrack for a group or merrymakers tromping around Middle Earth. Subaqueous, Conscious Kalling, Jnana, Animatronix, DubCOling, Gridwork, NAs-ja, and Halo Refuser step up to the plate to conjure up their own interpretations of a few songs and their edits couldn’t be better company for the other nine original tracks from Hang in Balance on this release. Dive on into ‘Lisn’ below and don’t hesitate to cruise on over toe Street Ritual’s Bandcamp to grab this release in its entirety for your personal enjoyment.


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