Today is exciting for us because we get to unveil the curtains on our freshly revamped “Dankles Guest Mix” series. Every Wednesday we will be delivering an exclusive new mix from a producer whom we dig and want to share with all you lovely people. This week we bring to you Epicure, a producer based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan who’s trill future beats have been making waves recently. Epicure, who has released music through French label Cosmonostro, was just featured on “Issue 01” of up and coming collective alaya‘s showcase release. alaya. have proven in a big way that they know what’s good with future music, so it should come as no surprise that this mix is oozing with the same vibe. Throughout his 13 track guest mix Epicure gives us all a taste of some huge future beats, and sexy grooves. Pick up your own copy, and keep your eyes peeled for this talented young producer and his upcoming releases.



Abjo – East 18th
Akeda – Annunaki
Rvdical The Kid – Tokyo
Rage Logic – Chrome
Quasimoto – Low Class Conspiracy
Joe Kay – Don’t You (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit)
Herzeloyde – Lab Ninja
G Jones – Heerlen Beat
EPROM – Subroc
Louis Futon – Refill w/ Monty Cold
Machette – To The Crypt
Machette – ghettoblastah
Meshach Gordon – A Long Way Down

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