One thing we love about M!NT is that he is always churning out a variety of styles. From high energy bass fueled anthems to laid back soundscapes you never know what he is going to dish out. Today we have his latest work, a little reprise of an old track from his crates featuring the lyrical adornment of PWEST. This is a special release for both artists because they have known each other since back in their high school days and this is the first time they have churned out material. While their friendship first sprouted back in Arizona the two now reside on opposites sides of the country; M!NT being in Brooklyn, and PWEST in Los Angeles. For this new single M!NT pulled out a track that had been sitting in the vault for the past two years and reworked it into a lush, textured beat to back the pin point lyricism of PWEST. Having insight on the history between these two artists truly lets one realize how special this collaboration truly is. We certainly are hooked on this reprise of ‘Out The Vault’ with PWEST churning out his silky smooth verses so we can only wait and for them to team up to make some more ruckus in the future.

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