To keep you on your toes this week we thought we would close things out with a couple massive exclusives we have had up our sleeves. Today we are dropping the curtains on a juicy new track from S H A M A N A aka Sean Wheatley. He is a talented artist with roots in Cleveland that is making some serious noise with his beat production. Hot on the heels of his joint mix for alaya with Harris Cole we have a brand new unreleased beat entitled ‘Seduction’ that is hear to take advantage of your eardrums as we work our way into the weekend. This beat is an interpretation S H A M A N A did of K.Raydio’s ‘Claire Underwood’ so if you’re familiar with the original that’s why you might have noticed some share traits between these tracks. S H A M A N A takes the original and completely flips it on its head, taking the soulful vibes from ‘Claire Underwood’ and morphing them into a sultry dragged out flip that it sure to get you moving. We recommend blaring this through some quality speakers so you can truly get the entire feel for how hard this joint knocks. If you happen to like what the dude S H A M A N A is throwing down make sure you cruise over to his SoundCloud where you can find his constantly growing catalogue of material.

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