This week we are getting things started with a special artist spotlight on John Looke. He’s a talented producer on the rise coming to us from Austin, TX by way of Minneapolis, MN. Today we are bringing you a brand new exclusive beat from Looke in addition to bringing you a taste of his previously released catalogue so you guys can get familiar. ‘Heaterz’ is the perfect way to introduce yourselves to his approach on instrumental music. On this new single we see a great example of his versatile production style as he serves us up a dreamy laid back instrumental fit for any occasion. All of his music is designed to sound natural and coherent, while focused on leaving the listener flooded with a particular emotion or feeling. When Looke began to dip his toes in the beat scene in 2010 he immersed himself in the online presence of the culture and then in his production, constantly working to develop a voice of his own while appealing to fans of the existing scene. Looke’s last features were on ‘Rising Tides’ the second compilation from SVNSET WAVES as well as Alaya.’s ‘Issue 01’ compilation. This was the first material to begin surfacing after he took a break to study and perfect his work . Now that Looke is back with no plans of letting up so we hope you’re prepared. We will be seeing a collaborative album release in January of 2015 with musical friend and roommate Jackson ‘Mellow J’ Thompson. For those of you that are new to Looke’s production we thought it would be good to get you a little more acquainted with things while you wait for any more material so if you continue below you will find a wide spread of his preexisting releases via SoundCloud.

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