A couple weeks ago we brought you Cold Fingers latest remix of Asher Roth’s ‘Fast Life’, now we are back with the duos latest single ‘Lingering Fingers’. This is the first taste of their upcoming EP ‘Old Children’ do out soon and boy does it get us excited to hear the rest of the tracks that made the cut. This single is a rich concoction of textured downtempo beats that are sure to make your head nod. As we mentioned last week Cold Fingers is a talented production duo on the rise with a hefty catalogue of original music under their belt already. It’s great seeing two producers that work together so well they can churn out quality material at an astounding rate. ‘Old Children’ is hot on the hells of their previous EP ‘Left Overs’ that dropped in September so we can only wait with baited breath to see what else they have put together for this new release, whenever it debuts to the public. For a more vast selection of their material head over to their Bandcamp page where you can lay your hands on a lot of their music free of charge.

Cold Fingers Bandcamp

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