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The LowR Levls crew had big shoes to fill. The Artikal Music UK tour brought us deeper with the classic vibes inside at last weeks’ Electronic Tuesdays event (check out our photos!). But after driving for twenty five hours across the country in a tiny rental car and sleeping on one futon in an equally tiny apartment, Cubs, Crowell, Benzmixer, and Hoova brought the bass to Denver in a serious way. Hundreds of heads filled the Other Side on Tuesday for the wonky affair. The energy was overwhelming. Anyone who didn’t yet know about the Florida-based LowR Levls family learned well; the majority of the crowd spent the night concentrated at the front of the club along the speakers.

The night was the epitome of everything I love about dubstep and Denver’s one of a kind scene. Those of us who are into getting slapped in the face by bass were in our own special heaven. As always, the notorious front row crew got skanky and sweaty, gun fingers blazing from start to finish (shoutout #frontrowcrew). Before and after their sets each of the performers could be found roaming the venue, meeting fans who quickly became friends. By the end of the night the vibe was intimate, more like a rowdy family reunion than an established event.


Crowell throwing bows, Cubs on the decks


I spent a lot of time with the LowR Levls guys over the past week. I learned a lot from each of them – not only about dubstep, although you know I was taking notes anytime they mentioned an unfamiliar track or artist (which was often!). The artists’ passion for their own music and for the dubstep scene as a whole was an inspiring reprieve from a prevailing culture of profit where not even art is safe from the grasp of greed. Aside from the show, the crew spent most of their week-long stay spinning impromptu live stream sessions, notably with emerging local DJ’s Sektah, Swayd, and Aowl. Crowell, Cubs, Benzmixer, and Hoova focus their energy and passion where it matters: on the music. And judging by the filthy bass faces decorating the always impressive Tuesday night crowd, the message is coming through loud and clear.


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Missed it? Want to re-live the madness? Check out this LowR Levls mix from Hoova, available for free download, and our pictures from the night. This Tuesday Compa brings the Deep Medi vibes for November’s final event. December promises to be another huge month for the Denver heads – check out the months’ lineup below, and follow Sub.mission for updates on all things Denver dubstep.

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