Alex Crawford, the artist known as The Others, knows his way around the dubstep scene. As the most heavily released artist on the renowned Dub Police label, his feature in the MyStyle mix series is only appropriate. MyStyle004 is a collection of twenty eight tracks, hand-picked by The Others to illustrate his vision as an artist. The compilation includes music from legends like Sleeper, Icicle, and J:Kenzo, along with original songs and collaborations from The Others and the four tracks constituting the Empire EP, forthcoming on December 8th. You can listen to the MyStyle promo mix right here, and the compilation is available now for purchase digitally or in CD format.




In the meantime, The Others is embarking on the 500 tour with label mate Caspa (Check out our Q&A with the dopest ghost right here!). In light of the upcoming North American shows – including Denver at Cervantes’ Other Side tomorrow night (tickets still available here!) and Chicago at Sound Bar on December 12th – we are very proud to premiere the MyStyle documentary, which follows The Others through his journey to his prominent place alongside dubstep’s most prominent DJ’s and producers. This documentary is a window into the genre’s past and future, as well as The Others’ identity as an artist. We had the opportunity to ask Alex some questions about the documentary, the MyStyle mix, and his North American tour with the dopest ghost himself. You can only see it here, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this exclusive peek into the brain of the bass music badman.



Tell us a little bit about the MyStyle series – what does this project mean for you? How does it reflect your style as an artist?

It’s basically a mix that I’ve created of tracks and artists that I’m into at the moment, plus a heap of new music from myself. The objective of the series is to basically showcase the kind of set you’d play in a club environment so that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do with this mix.


What was your vision for the MyStyle 004 mix? Describe the listening experience you created.

I suppose the backbone of the mix is my sound as The Others; dark, techy, futuristic and heavy hitting, and a lot of the tracks featured from artists on the compilation follow suit and complement the music I have created for this project. Hopefully people get the sound and style I’m trying to achieve with MyStyle 004.

What was the process of putting the mix together like? How did you choose which tracks to use?

The first stop was creating the original new music from myself, as well as collaborating with artists, gathering my remixes and then working around that. There’s so much good music around at the moment from so many artists, old and new, that I’m into. It was difficult at times deciding which tracks made the final cut, but I’m really happy with the overall collection of music on there.

What was your favorite part about making this mix? The most difficult part? Did you learn anything from it?

I wouldn’t say any part stood out as being more difficult than any other. At times it was a real challenge putting all the pieces together, especially when it came to licensing music from other labels, as there are so many factors to consider. This is something I’ve never had to deal with in the past, so it was a big learning curve for me for sure.

Can you tell us a little about the MyStyle 004 documentary we’re premiering?

It’s been put together by Rsky from Risky Roadz , a videographer who was responsible for documenting a lot of the early London Grime movement. It’s basically me going back to where I grew up in Harrow (London) and my early days of starting to DJ and produce music. We went to my high school where I first starting getting into DJing, to the record shop I first starting buying vinyl from and then basically followed the path from that on to where I started to produce my own music. We visited the location where I actually began working for Dub Police, and then we finished at Fabric nightclub in London where I’ve played plenty of times, and where I held my album launch party. It was great to get back to all these important stops in my career, and to go over some great memories from my early days.


What were you most excited for on your North American tour with Caspa? How does your vision play into the “500” concept?

It’s impossible to pick one thing that I was most excited about; it’s been great so far and hopefully the whole tour is going to continue that way. There are shows in cities that I’ve never played in before so that really excites me as you never know what to expect. But then there are also places I’ve visited before where I can’t wait to get back to, and it has been great to catch up with friends that I’ve made along the way. The concept for the 500 tour is really solid and something that I’ve wanted to be involved with since day one so I’m proud to finally be a part of it. Sharing my new music with all the North American homies and playing alongside the dopest ghost is always so much fun!


pk sound

Caspa and The Others are the stars of the 500 tour, but the legendary PK Sound system that they’re bringing along truly captures their shine. The 500 tour is all about the music: shouts out to PK Sound for maximizing the bass weight. Catch Caspa, The Others, and this sexy stack of speakers at twenty seven intimate venues across the continent. Click here to find out how to buy tickets for your city’s event, and stay tuned for your opportunity to win tickets right here at The Dankles.

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