Hopefully by now everyone has had ample time to fully digest the holiday after the seemingly endless weekend because we have quite the slew of exclusive material for you this week! To get things started we are dropping the curtains on the ‘Moments’ EP from Sandfly. This is the debut of this new project so rest assured, it’s about to latch on to your ear drums. Sandfly is the collaborative effort of Nunce Duerma (Chicago) and Duktap (San Francisco), two talented producers that have been friends throughout college and are now joining forces to bring us this intricate new project. On this departure from their solo production, Duerma and Duktap are taking their sound to unknown shores through taking themselves out of their comfort zones to try new things. For those of you familiar with either of their previous catalogues surely you will be quick to pick up on that. Duerma is still coming off the release of his ‘Shapeshifter’ LP from this past July via Old Tacoma Records and Young Heavy Souls while Duktap’s ‘Vertigo’ EP dropped on LA’s Unspeakable Records in July as well.

As you listen through ‘Moments’ you can certainly tell both artists are bringing everything they have to the table, disassembling it, and reconstructing it into a seamless conglomerate of their styles. Duktap’s ambient melodies infuse themselves Duerma’s laid back jazzy hip hop vibes to birth a unique batch of tunes that are sure to sweep you off your feet. As you dive in and see what Sandfly has to offer we are positive a lot of you will be entirely encapsulated by this unique approach to each track on ‘Moments’. Duerma and Duktap have conjured up three tracks that are sure to have you dipping and swaying while at the same time keeping you dialed in to the complexities that truly make up the track. By combining their technical and creative powers the guys have churned out three thoroughly well produced dance tracks that are laced with hypnotic, up-tempo, and unique bass lines. This combination of intricacy and groovy vibes will truly help Sandfly stand out from the masses as this special project spreads throughout the reaches of the web. While this is the first work of theirs that is seeing the public eye we can only be patient to see what else they might have up their sleeves in the future!

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