We have been sitting on this one for a little while now and we thought it was finally time to drop the curtains on this heater from Hustle Profits. For those of you that missed out on our previous artist spotlight on this talented producer on the rise it’s about time you leant him your ears! Hustle Profits comes to us all the way from New Zealand with a laid back hood vibe that is sure to get your head nodding and your speakers trembling. From the day we stumbled across his SoundCloud feed we have been hooked on this guys material. He infuses multiple forms of hip hop with his abstract production to deliver us a unique blend that truly latches onto your eardrums. ‘Taking the Trap’ is a perfect example of this blending we are talking about. Hustle Profits gives us a raw, trunk thumping beat and laces it up with some catchy vocals. You can grab this beat free of charge so don’t sleep. Keep your eyes open for Hustle Profits contribution to our newly relaunched mix series because he is cooking up some heat especially for this one!

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