If funky electro soul music is your thing then you have come to the right place this afternoon. Last week Kinetik Force dropped their new ‘Fusion’ EP via Kansas City’s Philos Records and it has been tearing across the internet electrifying speakers like wildfire. For those of you that missed their single ‘So Proper’ we brought you a couple weeks ago let us give you a little refresher. Kinetik Force is the combined powers of Blunt Force (Austin, TX) and Kinetik Groove (Chicago, IL) and this project has been a long time in the works. Both of artists have quite the knack for churning out unique electro soul infused tracks that truly suck you in. Through infusing funky synths, some strings, immersive bass lines, and some well chosen vocal samples they are both quickly gaining the exposure they deserve! Being that each artist is a straight powerhouse you better bet their joint release ‘Fusion’ is ready to funk up your day. Available via Philos Records’ Bandcamp you can grab this four track release for free 99 or slide them a little donation, we know they would all be very appreciative! Whether you have had a long day of work or you’re just lounging around this will be the perfect addition to your day so crank those speakers up and let Kinetik Force take things away.

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