Looking for something to wind down your lengthy Monday with? This new EP from Australian producer TORA is packed to the teeth with lush production that is sure to carry you away this evening. While his ‘Eat The Sun’ EP dropped a couple of months ago, back in October, this is the first time it is managing to crop up on our radar. Some of you may have already caught on to the whimsical production style of TORA but we thought it would be best to post for those of you that it slid by. Each track on this release is a beautiful concoction of mellow toned bliss laced with TORA’s emotion ridden verses while still giving you the urge to get up and groove. As we looked into this talented artist a bit it became clear he has truly been making some moves this year with all of his releases. With that being said we can’t imagine where he will take things in 2015! Change into some comfy clothes and get situated because once you dive into ‘Eat The Sun’ you will be truly immersed in each of the seven tracks that make up this release. For those of you that are going to need a larger fix of TORA after experiencing this be sure to check out both his SoundCloud page and Bandcamp to familiarize yourselves with the rest of his existing catalogue.

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