If you’re into off kilter, left field electronic music, you better go grab some napkins. Today Brooklyn, NY based imprint Smokers Cough delivered us the latest from DOS4GW. If some of you think this producers name sounds a little familiar you might recall when we brought you ‘Grey Area’ back in April from his previous release ‘Hendra 3’. For those of you that are just popping your DOS4GW cherries it’s about time you got familiar with this bass producer from Melbourne, Australia because he is about to take advantage of your eardrums in only the filthiest of ways. ‘Suiside B’ is a monstrous conglomerate of thirteen tracks that are sure to make your head spin. DOS4GW serves up everything from starry electronica to the most unique and grainy bass fueled amalgamations that trample through your ear holes. In the past he has collaborated with Armand Hammer, Tomorrow Kings, Aoi, GDP, Mr. Dna, and Curly Castro so it’s pretty blatant that some real talent has taken to noticing his fearless approach to electronic music. We are sure everyones experience with ‘Suiside B’ will be different so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. This release is not for the faint of listening and know that once you dive in, there may be no going back as DOS4GW takes over. There’s your warning, now crank up those speakers and enter his world on ‘Suiside B’.

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