That’s right folks, the turn up is real this week. The best thing about it is that we have more heat where this came from over the next few days. Today we are bringing you a special exclusive stream of ‘Hyphe’ from Muppet Punk’s latest release ‘Doin’ It’ which debuted with MalLabel Music last week. Since some of you might have missed out on the release we thought it would be the perfect time to bring you a special stream of one of our favorites from the six track release. Muppet Punk is a Bay Area producer with quite the knack for cranking up those energy levels, regardless of where you might be. Whether ‘Hyphe’ finds you lounging around at home, in the midst of work, or even walking your dog, we are sure you’re about to drop everything and lose it. If you’re familiar with the Bay Area at all then you’re already well aware they have their own unique kind of turn up music out there that is truly unique to San Francisco. You can hear the Bay Area vibe all throughout ‘Doin’ It’ so if you were unfamiliar with things when you first wondered into this post you’re sure to have an idea of what we are referring to by the time you listen through this new new from Muppet Punk!

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