Denver’s Snubluck has been a favorite of ours for some time now. When we first came across this talented young producer we were truly taken aback by his production style. Now years later he continues to blow us away with each release that surfaces on his SoundCloud. Snubluck just brought his remix of Azelia Banks‘ ‘Chasing Time’ to light and god damn have we been hooked! He does a great job of letting the original shine through while adding more than enough of his own flare to make this track his own. On this new edit we are dealt a fine arrangement of forward thinking production from Snubluck that is sure to lure you in. Be sure to give this remix as much love as possible because Azelia Banks will be giving $10,000 to whoever makes the best edit! This flip is applicable for so many different occasions it’s truly amazing, this is one thing we have come to love about his style. A lot of his music can enjoyed equally as much if you are home alone or out with a bunch of friends for a night on the town! Thanks to Snubluck you can grab this new remix free of charge so don’t sleep on this opportunity to add a unique new track to your library folks.

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