It’s always great to stumble across lengthy compilations that are straight up oozing talent from the seems. Whether they feature artists that are familiar to us or artists we have never before heard it’s always great to have the opportunity to get unique flavors from each contributor. The case we have at hand with this new compilation from Epoxy Records is that we see a few familiar faces but a majority of this release is made up of producers we have never before come across. Tucked into this diverse eleven track compilation we are donned with all sorts of avant-garde production styles. From laid back beats, to wonky bass fueled tracks, club inspired vibes, and other spacey vibrations it’s safe to say there’s just about something here for everyone. The roster is making up this eclectic release is made up of Kynes, BastienGOAT, 5ifty$ix, Mt. Analogue, Burgle, Flying Toaster, Plot Twist, MTvDvD, FractalStein, Toadface, and Vanalies. While some of you might be able to pick out a few familiar faces you will have to thank Epoxy Records for bringing some of these new producers on the rise to your attention! From what we can tell this is the first release from the Brooklyn based team at Epoxy Records so you better stay on your toes so you can catch more heat from this promising new imprint as we close out 2014 and welcome 2015 with open arms.

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2 Comments on "Epoxy Records – Full Spiral (Compilation) [Pay What You Feel]"

  1. Thank you Nate! Much love to the dankles crew!
    Epoxy will continue to provide that freaky funk :)

  2. PS “5ifty$ix K” and “Vanalles”

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