Rather than overload you with too much material in one day we thought we would save this last exclusive morsel for today. This comes to us from the crates of Nas-Ja courtesy of our friends over at MalLabel Music and we are sure it’s about to put a smile on your face.. ‘Unraveling’ is the first taste from his upcoming MalLabel release ‘Earth Cubes’ that drops to the public next Tuesday. ‘Earth Cubes’ is a immersive auditory adventure that is sure to pull you in once the entire EP debuts on December 16th. In the meantime we thought ‘Unraveling’ would be a great introduction that will leave you all yearning for more. Nas-Ja is a talented bass producer on the rise who has quite the knack for churning up intergalactic soundscapes that will take some of you off to another dimension. Nas-Ja weaves all sorts of dubstep, space bass, and glitch hop vibes into this upcoming EP so be prepared to get doused with a little bit of everything. Until then hopefully ‘Unraveling’ will tide you over until the rest of ‘Earth Cubes’ finds its way into your eardrums.

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