We have been bringing you music from PR!NTZ for a long time now it seems. Back in our ‘Twerkin Trap Tuesday’ days is when we first got acquainted with this talented producer and it’s awesome to see where he has taken his sound over the past couple years. PR!NTZ has always been one to not hesitate flipping the script on everyone so we have learned to always stay on our toes when we dive into his new material. Today we have his latest track, ‘Lets Roll’, to dazzle your ear drums. Here PR!NTZ has churned up a laid back soundscape that is sure to suck you in. As of late this seems to be the style we have seen seeping out of the lab of PR!NTZ, below we also included another recent track of his we are sure will tickle your fancy. Be sure to give thanks to this talented producer from down under as he continues to crank out catchy and unique new music!

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  1. PR!NTZ is strait G. His productions are freakin awsome. Tyt arrangments, pro mastering. Defs someone to watch.

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