As many of you might have been aware Colorado Papadosio fans received an early holiday gift last weekend when the boys brought their special Earth Night event to Denver for the very first time! Originally this was an event that had roots only in Columbus, Ohio but this year they decided to spice things up and bring the show to The Fillmore in Denver, CO. This weekend Papadosio is taking things back to Ohio to deliver their midwestern fans with a special two night run which we are sure many of you are taking full advantage of as they take over the Park St. Saloon and L.C. Pavilion with support from Third Nature, Earthcry (Anthony’s side project), Jimkata, and Dopapod! In addition to the music accompaniment they will also be holding talks from Jason Takahashi, Abaraham Nabors, Jeroch Carlson, Greg Page, Lauren Berlekemp, and Anthony at the Park St. Saloon today so be sure to check those out if you aren’t too wiped out from tonights festivities. You can follow the link right HERE to check out the availability of tickets for this weekend.


Being able to be a part of their first Earth Night in Denver was truly a special experience for us here at The Dankles. We were part of a small group of fans that made our way down to the Fillmore earlier in the evening for an intimate meet and greet with Papapdosio and the supporting acts/artists Rising Appalachia, ESKMO, Amanda Sage, and David Hale. The entire evening was made possible by the amazing people at Conscious Alliance whom, as always, put together a very proper event. The VIP meet and greet was a small gathering of fans and family that truly started the night off on a great note. Delicious food was catered and everyone had access to a special happy hour while we all bumped elbows and chatted everyone up! In addition to the delicious spread they also had a ping pong table set up and Lovemore Creations in the house with a photo area set up for everyone to have some shots taken with their friends and loved ones. It was an awesome addition to the evening and it was a totally different experience than most any other event. It truly gives you a different touch of insight when we see how kind and humble artists can be off stage when they are just hanging out and relaxing. As the meet and greet drew to a close everyone helped pack things up while the artists got in gear for the evening!

ESKMO kicked off the evening as fans began to stream in. Immediately you could feel the energy begin to build as excited fans filled up the floor. ESKMO delivered us a whimsical set that was loaded with his unique whimsical and textured soundscapes. His live sets are always special in our eyes as he incorporates a wide variety of live elements from instrumentation to vocals which is quite different than most electronically driven sets you tend to see. As he wrapped things up Rising Appalachia took the stage to whisk us away with a set of eclectic songs infused with their very own soulful, folk infused melodies. While they worked their way into their set David Hale and Amanda Sage began to delve into their freshly started canvases that would quickly evolve throughout the evening. Earlier in the evening we were also graced with a few words from the renowned scholar and author Winona LaDuke as she touched on the subjects of sustainability and other ways we can continue to help the Earth prosper.

Before long it was finally time for Papadosio to take the stage and by then the Fillmore was packed with fans yearning for their set to begin. As a few of us made our way to the restrooms we quickly realized the gravity of how many more people had turned out for the event, the floor and both raised sides of the auditorium were brimming with people while even more people streamed in. Before long the guys took the stage and quickly took everyones breath away with a fun, energetic set. They opened things up with ‘Polygons’ and worked their way into ‘You and Yourself’ before trailing into ‘Planting the Seeds of Life’ and ‘Snorkle’. After which they worked their way into a jaw dropping rendition of Board of Canada’s ‘Dayvan Cowboy’ and one of my personal favorites ‘The Sum’. The improv that followed seemed to be a shout out to Conscious Alliance as we came to find out it was dubbed ‘Art that Feeds’ before going into ‘Method of Control’ where they surprised everyone by segueing into ‘Cue’ before finishing off ‘M.O.C.’. The rest of the set that followed was equally as mind boggling as we were donned with fan favorites ‘We Are Water’, ‘All I Knew’, and ‘Night Colors’. Least to say we couldn’t have asked for a more stunning set from the guys. As the lights dimmed and the crowd began to file out many of us headed over to the Knew Conscious Gallery for a special late night after party where Earthcry made his Denver debut and everyone danced on until the wee hours of the morning. For those of you that missed out on the party you can now get your hands on the entire set via Papadosio’s Bandcamp, we have embeded the player so you can check out a few select songs from the evening so don’t sleep on adding this special evening to your collection!

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